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Links of Interest – July 19, 2012

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Why Windows 8 Made Me Sell MSFT | Institutional Investor

Investors’ 10 Most Common Behavioral Biases | Above the Market

East Coast’s Q2 Letter: What Defines A Great Business & A Look At IBM ~ market folly

Why Berkshire is Killing It Right Now | The Reformed Broker

GreatInvestors.TV – Value Investing Video of the Day – Brian Bares

Berkshire Hathaway Buys Phillips 66 (PSX) Shares ~ market folly

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Report: Apple iPhone 5 Will Be Last Smartphone Hurrah As Market Nears Peak – Forbes

Value Investors At RIM Meeting

Pharma Looking Defensive Again

Rumor: Hulu Will Soon Require Viewers To Have A Cable Subscription [Update: It’ll Happen, But Not “Soon”] | TechCrunch

Links of Interest – July 13, 2012

Why Big Pharma Won’t Get Its Piece Of The $1.2 Trillion Global Drug Market – Forbes

Pharma Looking Defensive Again

Bill Ackman’s Recommended Reading List ~ market folly

Leon Cooperman On How to Succeed in Business (By Really Trying) – Finance and Accounting Jobs News and Advice

Merck Stock Poised to Rise 20% in Next Year –

Global pay TV revenues edges up to $200bn – Advanced Television | Advanced Television

Rumor: Hulu Will Soon Require Viewers To Have A Cable Subscription [Update: It’ll Happen, But Not “Soon”] | TechCrunch

A compendium of Q&As with Warren Buffett.

Links of Interest – July 6, 2012

News Corp. Investor Yacktman on Split

Economic Musings – Three mega-caps with big value to be unlocked

Why Dell fought (and won) Quest — for $2.36 billion — Cloud Computing News

RIM’s tailspin | asymco

Sanofi Is the Best Value in the Big Pharma Space | SumZero

Union Pacific: We’re not Seeing the Economic Weakness | PRAGMATIC CAPITALISM

Steve Cohen’s SAC Capital Boosts Aeropostale Position (ARO) ~ market folly

25 expert investment picks to retire on – For the long haul (1) – CNNMoney

Markel Ventures Announces Ellicott Dredge Acquisition In Holland – Yahoo! Finance

Generic-Drug Giant Teva Shares Are Worth Buying –

Rare interview with Value Investor Zeke Ashton

Bill Ackman’s Favorite Investing Books Listed In “Confidence Game”

Magazine – Is Google Making Us Stupid? – The Atlantic