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Links of Interest – August 31, 2012

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Martin Whitman’s Third Avenue Management Third-Quarter Letter

The Brooklyn Investor: Oaktree’s Grand Slam

Active in Cloud, Amazon Reshapes Computing –

Free Kindle: Next week or next year, Amazon will start giving away its e-reader. Here’s why. – Slate Magazine

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Chuck Akre: Investing in the Era of the Constrained Consumer – Bloomberg

Mungerism’s Bookshelf

My Investing Notebook: Ackman on J.C. Penney

After meeting with Apple execs, analyst expects no television solution any time soon – Apple 2.0 – Fortune Tech

Jeff Auxier Interview with GuruFocus

How I learnt the power of checklists –

Mark Sellers at Harvard

Book Recommendations | Frankly Speaking

Chou Funds Semi-Annual Letter

Links of Interest – August 25, 2012

Visiting Warren Buffett – Notes from a Columbia Business School trip to Omaha, Nebraska on Friday, March, 24, 2006

Keynes, the hedge fund pioneer –

Private Jet Industry Recovering Among Business Travelers –

Loews CEO Tisch: Our Fiscal Issues Seem Intractable: Video – Bloomberg

How to Play the Market: Irving Kahn – Businessweek

Mohnish Pabrai and Guy Spier

Links of Interest – August 17, 2012

My views on GameStop ($GME) in response to an article | Motiwala Capital

GreatInvestors.TV – Value Investing Video of the Day – Whitney Tilson Updates Investment Thesis on Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway

Long Leaf 2012 Semiannual

GoodHaven Fund Letter

GameStop, Without the Games – Businessweek

One-on-One with Ron Johnson – Videos

J.C. Penney Is the New Sears: Ron Johnson Has Done “Incalculable Damage,” Davidowitz Says | Daily Ticker – Yahoo! Finance

The Long-Term Value of Internet Companies –

Mobile Kiplinger – Apple Stock Is Still Cheap

BBC NEWS Business Charlie Munger Boom and Bust Is Normal – YouTube

Links of Interest – August 10, 2012

RIM Said to Draw Interest From IBM on Enterprise Services – Bloomberg

Television: Consumers Aren’t so Keen on Cutting the Cord | Media – Advertising Age

Time Spent Watching TV | Media – Advertising Age

Q2 figures don’t support cord-cutting fears – Entertainment News, TV News, Media – Variety

The Brooklyn Investor: OAK: Oaktree Capital Management IPO

Links of Interest – August 3, 2012

Tamro Capital Pros Discuss Small-Cap Stocks –

100m Latino pay-TV subs by 2017 – Advanced Television | Advanced Television – bullish for DTV which in enjoys the strongest position in the region.

Warren Buffett’s Evolution and his Three Investment Styles | Can Turtles Fly?

2012 Semi_Annual Fairholme letter

Buffett Railroad Beats Coal Slump With 75% Gain in Oil – Bloomberg

Thoughts from VALUEx Vail 2012 Conference | Vitaliy Katsenelson Contrarian Edge

In Defense of – Not That They Need Defending. Shrinking the NOW-Gap | Kid Dynamite’s World

Investment – Greenlea Lane Capital Partner’s Amazon Write Up

Horizon Kinetics LLC – Current Commentary

Is JNJ Getting To A By Point? | ValuePlays

Why Windows 8 Made Me Sell MSFT | Institutional Investor