My Watchlist – November 1, 2010

I have reviewed issue 10 of Value Line and added companies that have exceptional returns on equity. The idea here is to have a dashboard of substantially all the larger-cap high quality businesses in the U.S. in one place that you can review at least weekly to see what Mr. Market is making available to you.

Because of a limit on the number of functions that Google allows in a single spreadsheet, I had to split the spreadsheet into two parts. This week’s update is in part 2.

Watchlist – Part 1

Watchlist – Part 2

Stocks Added This Week (see Watchlist – Part 2)

Campbell Soup Company

General Mills, Inc.

H.J. Heinz Company

The Hershey Company

Hormel Foods Corporation

Kellogg Company

McCormick & Company, Incorporated

Sara Lee Corp.

Unilever plc (ADR)

The Kroger Co.

SYSCO Corporation

Sara Lee Corp.

Brown-Forman Corporation

The Coca-Cola Company

Hansen Natural Corporation

PepsiCo, Inc.

Altria Group, Inc.

British American Tobacco (ADR)

Philip Morris International Inc.

Apollo Group, Inc.

ITT Educational Services, Inc.

Strayer Education, Inc.

Greenlight Capital Re, Ltd.

A few thoughts…

Many stocks are close to new highs and are well above their lows. Some caution is in order.

Please take the expected return estimate with a large grain of salt. This projection is based in large part on the company’s growth over the past ten years. This may OR MAY NOT be indicative of its future growth. If it was as easy as looking up the past growth rate and projecting it into the future, librarians would all be very rich.

The author of this blog is NOT an investment, trading, legal, or tax advisor, and none of the information available through this blog is intended to provide tax, legal, investment or trading advice. Nothing provided through these posts constitutes a solicitation of the purchase or sale of securities/futures. The data and information presented in this blog entry is believed to be accurate but should not be relied upon by the user for any purpose. Any and all liability for the content or any omissions, including any inaccuracies, errors or misstatements in such data is expressly disclaimed.


One thought on “My Watchlist – November 1, 2010

  1. Andrew Schneck

    I would stay away from Kroger… the margins scare the hell out of me in that industry. I do agree they are great operationally (negative working capital, good ROA/ROE, and consistent), but inflation could severely damage this business.

    Other than that, great findings here- I was very similar on all other companies.

    To me, Hansen Natural looked like the most interesting situation in the issue- I’m curious how all the growth occurred in such a short time frame. Perhaps could be something to learn from in identifying a similar situation in the future.


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