My Watchlist – December 15, 2010

I have reviewed issue 3 of Value Line looking for companies that have exceptional returns on equity, strong book value growth or strong “guru investor” sponsorship.

I have added Tim Hortons Inc. (THI)

The idea here is to have a dashboard of substantially all the larger-cap high quality businesses in the U.S. in one place that you can review at least weekly to see what Mr. Market is making available to you.

Because of a limit on the number of functions that Google allows in a single spreadsheet, I had to split the spreadsheet into two parts.

This week’s update is in part 1.

Watchlist – Part 1

Watchlist – Part 2

Stocks from issue 3 (see Watchlist – Part 1)

Ecolab Inc.


Exxon Mobil Corporation

NewMarket Corporation

Praxair, Inc.

Sigma-Aldrich Corporation


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