Links of Interest – April 15, 2011

India’s Warren Buffett Reveals His Secrets (Part II) —

BusinessDay – StreetDogs: James Montier’s advice on the use of forecasts is not even to try – Investors continued reliance on earnings forecasts is reminiscent of the old-timer who, upon learning that the section in heaven for oilmen was full, started a rumor of oil in hell to make himself a spot, only to follow the crowd down to hell on the outside chance the rumor was true.

Blockbuster’s Largest Shareholder Calls Blockbuster Worst Investment Ever Made | Fast Company – Keep a checklist of investing mistakes to learn from both your own experience and that of others. Icahn admits that he failed to see that Blockbuster had too much debt and an inferior business model.

Top 10 Dying Industries – Real Time Economics – WSJ

Leucadia National Corporation 2010 Shareholder Letter – Leucadia has grown shareholder equity at 20% for over 20 years.


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