IBM’s 2015 Roadmap and 2011 Business Review

IBM’s 2015 Roadmap and 2011 Business Review – source: IBM

IBM has a financial “roadmap” telling investors how profitable it intends to be in the next five years and how it will get there. By 2015 the firm wants its earnings per share almost to double, to “at least” $20. The roadmap also helps, according to Mark Loughridge, the chief financial officer, “to keep the same level of intensity” as during the near-death experience of the early 1990s. “If you ask executives about the roadmap 2015, they can tell you immediately how their plans are lined up to that longer-term goal,” he says. – The Economist

The human platform has an important drawback: it is expensive to maintain and to extend, says Carl Claunch of Gartner, a market-research firm. That also means, however, that it is costly for others to replicate or invade. And given the complexity of the world and how much of it is still to be digitised, IBM’s human platform looks unlikely to reach its limits soon. Perhaps not for another 100 years. – The Economist



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