Links of Interest – December 7, 2012

Global Banking Under Siege as Nations Tighten Local Rules – Bloomberg

Medical Devices Analysis: Kent Thiry – Davita Inc (dva) | Round Table | MNY

Are these the new Warren Buffetts? – Fortune Management

Prem Watsa Surges in SandRidge Stake, Amidst Company Management Shake Up

How Would Warren Buffett Invest If He Was Starting Over Today?

Jim Grant Interview – Certain That Inflation and Higher Interest Rates Await Us

Meet Berkshire Hathaway’s NetJets CEO – Quite Optimistic on the Economy

Tweedy, Browne Comments on Google

The Arithmetic of Equities By Whitebox Advisors ~ market folly

Lunch with Warren Buffett : The New Yorker

Graham And Doddsville | Bruce Greenwald and Jean-Marie Eveillard Videos

Buffett Power Unit Targets Renewables for Acquisitions – Bloomberg

How the Chou Income Fund Got Its Mojo –

Starbucks CEO: ‘We Will Do for Tea What We Did for Coffee’ – Deal Journal – WSJ

Coffee and tea: American jitters | The Economist

Starbucks to Open Another 1,500 Cafes in the U.S. –

As the Kindle Turns Five, Amazon Girds for a New Fight – Businessweek

This Is What Bill Ackman Sees When He Looks at JCP | SumZero

Apple’s ITunes Would Be One of World’s Biggest Media Companies – Bloomberg

iTunes 11: It’s time for Apple’s horrible, bloated program to die. – Slate Magazine

There’s life in iTunes yet – global expansion is good news for labels — paidContent

Liberty Media’s Starz Spinoff Could Unlock Value –

Google’s Searches for UnGoogleable Information to Make Mobile Search Smarter | MIT Technology Review

Google’s Answer to Siri Thinks Ahead | MIT Technology Review

You Will Want Google Goggles | MIT Technology Review

Same-Day Delivery Becomes Costly Web Battleground –

Netflix Gets Rights to Disney Movies in Pay-TV Window –

Tap Dancing to Work: Warren Buffett on Practically Everything, 1966-2012: A Fortune Magazine Book: Carol J. Loomis: Books


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