Links of Interest – December 14, 2012

Bruce Greenwald And Richard Koo On The Great Recession [VIDEO]

How To Win At Forecasting | Conversation | Edge

HP breakup is on tech world’s 2013 agenda | Features | Breakingviews

The Aleph Blog » Blog Archive » If you Want to be Well-off in Life

There is Life After Patent Expirations: Why Pfizer and Lilly Stocks Rebounded

Bargain Hunting at J.C. Penney | Institutional Investor

The Bull Case on Google Explained: Mobile Isn’t the Problem – It’s the Opportunity

Lone Pine Capital More Than Doubles Its Dollar Tree Stake ~ market folly

What Is the Best Way to Learn Accounting?

Latest Howard Marks memo

Value Investing World: The Manual of Ideas: Interview Jean-Marie Eveillard

Whitney Tilson Update on Berkshire Hathaway

Warren Buffett Responds To Whitney Tilson’s Letter

Berkshire Hathaway’s Mysterious seller: Whitney Tilson Has A Guess

Buffett Author Robert Hagstrom Says Buffett Did Not Overpay for Share Buybacks

Warren Buffett and Share Repurchases – The Facts

Buffett’s Berkshire Sells Most of J&J and GE Stakes

CNBC Transcript: Warren Buffett, Alan Simpson, & Erskine Bowles On Fixing the Debt Problem

Warren Buffett ‘s Financial Rules to Live By


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