Forbes on Buffett – compilation of articles on Buffett that have appeared in Forbes over the past 40 years.

You Pay A Very High Price In The Stock Market For A Cheery Consensus – August 6, 1979


Buffett advice: Buy smart…and low – Jason Zweig, 2008

How Inflation Swindles the Equity Investor – Warren Buffett, 1977

Presentations and Q&A with Students

Emory’s Goizueta Business School and McCombs School of Business at UT Austin – February 15, 2008

Emory and 5 other business schools – February 6, 2009

Shareholder Meeting Notes

2011 Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Meeting Notes – Pat Dorsey

2008 Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Meeting Notes

Shareholder Letters

Letters to Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders 1969-2009


Warren Buffett on Adam Smith’s Money Game – February 15, 1998

Pat Dorsey’s Notes on “A Morning with Charlie Munger, July 1, 2011”

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